Back yonder in the dot-com days, I was working in Boston as a web designer while living in Harvard Square in apartment #6. At one point, I had to fill out a tax form and beside ‘Business Name’, I wrote: Room6.

Fast forward to a cross country trip from Stowe, Vermont (where I’d moved from Boston) to Vancouver years later…

Back in 2004, I popped in to a beautiful, contemporary flower shop in the Cove and nervously asked the owner if she would consider selling my handmade cards. (She said yes.) As it turns out, she was moving her business and the space was coming up for lease. I dreamt of having a flower shop but I didn’t know the first thing about having a flower shop!

Naturally, I signed the lease.

I didn’t sell flowers at first (cuz, above), but I sewed quilts, baby blankets, dolls, dog beds and handmade cards. I custom blended lotions and fragrances. Nice people connected with the “special things” I made and it seemed I rarely had much to sell because I was too busy talkin’ with everyone all the time.

Turns out, talking wasn’t a sustainable retail model so I decided to lovingly fill our little space with “special things” from other local makers and offer workshops in the evenings.

After years of still dreaming of that flower shop, I got to live my florist dreams too and I’m incredibly grateful to have met so many lovely flower folks along the way. I cherish each “Fresh Flower Friday” - and every special occasion you’ve trusted me with. Thank you.

So here we are, heading into our 15th year in the Cove…

What I know is that for this beautiful planet to sustain life now, and in the future, we have to change in a way that’s unprecedented in our history - and that this whole “saving the world” thing is only possible if we work together.

xox Megan