Change your closet, change the world. We’re proud to partner with independent makers who craft timeless clothing meant to be cherished and worn for years and years. We scrutinize care/content labels and source all-vegan natural fibres including organic cotton, linen and hemp. We steer clear of petroleum-based fabrics like nylon, acrylic and polyester because they begin with extracting oil and end up as microplastics in the ocean or landfill. AND. We’re hard at work on introducing a whole new way to look at your closet (launching Fall 2019.)


Korinne Vader

Inspired by Prince Edward County’s rolling fields and rugged farmland and Vancouver Island's wild coastline, Korinne Vader creates unique handmade goods that reflect the beautiful imperfection of nature and humankind. From hand sewn clothing to ceramic accessories and hand stitched blankets, Korinne’s goods are timeless heirlooms created from a love for the homemade. Each piece of Korinne Vader’s clothing is thoughtfully handmade in her Victoria, BC studio.

We Are Stories

We are Stories is a home based studio located rurally on 5 acres of forest in the West Kootenays. In this beautiful setting Tracy can keep an eye on her honeybees, chickens, dogs and garden while working away in the studio. Committed to high ethical standards of production,  quality materials are sourced to create a minimalist aesthetic and clothing that is wearable for all seasons.  Tracy’s commitment to craft has her delving into exploration with plant dyes, eco printing, and weaving; intertwining these traditional methods into small batch collections released throughout the year.



Allison Wonderland & PIllar

Allison adheres to a “slow fashion” point of view by creating quality, timeless clothing. Both collections are made in Vancouver in collaboration with local small businesses and fabric scraps are donated to be used by local crafters as part of Allison’s commitment to a light footprint.



Meemoza was created by Emilie Rioux and is handmade in Montreal. Organic cotton fabrics are uniquely woven in one of the few remaining textile weaving facilities in Canada.

“Our affection for nature reveals itself through our passion for animal life; either wild or proudly rescued. As well as with our choice of sustainable and natural materials of the highest quality. Both gentle for the environment, and for you.”