Lending Library



don’t buy what you can borrow

Lending libraries are popping up from coast to coast. Not only do they build community, they reduce environmental impact through more efficient use of scarce resources. Perhaps you’ve heard how the average drill is only used for 13 minutes in its lifetime?

We’ve put together a small collection of resources for mending which are available at no cost. Most lending libraries charge a small fee (which totally makes sense), but our library is wee and the goal is just to get people thinking about sharing resources…and maybe even launch their own lending library concept.*

  • basic sewing supplies

  • fabric scraps, patches

  • crafty/d.i.y. books

A few lending resources to check out in the Vancouver area:

The Thingery (location in City of North Vancouver)

Vancouver Tool Library

Vancouver Public Library - Musical Instruments

*If you create one, we want to hear about it!