From hand-drawn art to adorn your walls, to a simple notecard to brighten someone’s day, Room6 is proud to support local makers who care deeply about their craft and Momma E. We source recycled paper and receive our stationery without any single-use plastic. (Cuz, planet.)


Art Prints

Sarah Hammond magically captures the wisdom of our wild friends with her hand-drawn art and donates a portion of each sale to the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society. In store, you’ll also find screenprints and stationery from the lovely Banquet Workshop duo, all designed and printed in Vancouver, BC.

Greeting cards

Tucked inside the drawers of our vintage card catalogue (which used to live in a library at UBC), you’ll find an assortment of locally produced, recycled greeting cards. What you won’t find is plastic! We’re proud to partner with makers who are willing to support our single-use plastic-free mission. Hugs and high fives to Banquet Workshop, Sarah Hammond and Regional Assembly of Text.